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Chance To Dance - Our First Performance Back

WOW WOW WOW! It was so great to be back on stage as a team, performing in person this

weekend at Chance To Dance.

Our first time out after 15 months and also our first time out with new dances and new teams. It was so great to be able to work with each other and do what we love together. After all of our hard work in

lessons learning dances, cleaning, trying on costumes, we have come so far and the time had finally come.

We all want to say a massive thank you to Miss Natalie for all of the hard work she has put into our three teams and the dances she has given us. We are all so thankful to have such a great teacher and to have such great dances. We also want to thank all of our Knights Chaperones and Miss Stacey for helping us with our changes and hair in the dressing room, and all of the staff backstage for being so helpful, supportive and running such a great event. One last massive thank you to all the parents watching in the audience and cheering for us all the way through!

We cant wait to get back out on stage again next weekend at Hotshots for our first competition back!

Stay tuned for the results!

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