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Ballet Award

Quin Brady

Our winner this year has received fantastic exam results and performs ballet just as it should be done and looks gorgeous on stage. Well done Quin Brady!

Hollie - Tap.jpg

Tap Award

Hollie Stebbeds

This student is a natural tapper showing clear beats and style with the biggest smile on their face. Always so enthusiastic in class and willing to help others. They are a pleasure to teach. Congratulations Hollie Stebbeds.

Acro Award

Darcy Wood

This was an easy choice; this child is always upside down pushing herself to learn new tricks! Keep up the great work Darcy Wood!

Darcy - Acro.jpg
Freya = Singing.jpg

Singing Award

Freya Pape

This award is for a student that attends lessons ready and eager to learn, they have grown in huge amounts of confidence and a pleasure to teach. I am pleased to award Freya Pape!

Musical Theatre Award

Roman Atkins

This student is part of the furniture at Musical Theatre, we can’t imagine the class without you. You have improved so much and an absolute pleasure to be around! I am so pleased to award this to Roman Atkins!

Roman - MT.jpg
Isabelle - Most Improved.jpg

Most Improved Award

Isabelle Lawrence

This is one of my favourite awards and it is the best feeling to watch a dancer work hard, take on corrections and improve as both a dancer and a performer. It has been a pleasure to watch you grow this year – well done Isabelle Lawrence!

Hard Work Award

Kaeto Nnamani

This award is going to a student who has so much potential that they do not know they have. They continue to work hard no matter what!! They have started to stand out in their classes and a joy to teach - a huge well done to Kaeto Nnamani.

Kaeto - Hardwork.jpg
Grace - Pre Junior.jpg

Pre Junior Award

Grace Penny

This is another new award, for a Pre Junior is an incredibly hard working and professional student and a dream to work with! Well done Grace Penny!

Junior Award

Amelie Wood

We have chosen this student because not only are they amazingly talented they are one of the kindest and most caring students ever! They are going to be a force to reckon with as they grow - we are so proud of you Amelie Wood

Amelie - Junior.jpg
Annabelle - Teacher.jpg

Teacher Award

Annabelle Greet

This student has been nominated for many awards this year – such a talented young lady who is absolutely beautiful, determined, hardworking and a credit to herself – Well done Annabelle Greet

Character Award

Eloise Baker

We have introduced this award to encourage our students who make it more than just dancing, this student is kind, caring, helpful, great with the minis and a fantastic team member. I am so proud of the lovely young lady you are Eloise Baker

Eloise - Character.jpg
Reece - Jazz.jpg

Jazz Award

Reece Lilley

I awarded this student the Jazz Award due to their great attitude and hard work in class. They are dedicated to perfecting the correct jazz lines and technique and strives to perform with strength and energy in every class! Well done Reece Lilley

Inter Award

Sarima Chukundah

This student turns up to class full of energy and ready to learn, they support whoever is around them and has an infectious positive energy, they  are talented and beautiful! We have chosen Sarima Chukundah!

Sarima - Inter.jpg
Dance Awards: Classes

Honourable Mentions

We have decided to introduce honourable mentions to those students that have been nominated for awards!! Please keep doing what you’re doing.

  • Rhea Hampton

  • Sophie Smith

  • Olivia Boyle

  • Calliegh Biddle

  • Luisa Simonato

  • Lilly Hendrick

  • Tayla Lilley

  • Dylan Boxall

  • Orla Coz

  • Hannah Wilkinson

  • Ellie Webb

  • Amelie Thorne

  • Shenel Dogruoz

  • Elena Reville

  • Summer Marsh

  • Summer Jacobs

  • Kyla McGuinness

  • Kai Zheng Traore

  • Chloe Lieu

  • Brooke Moore

  • Lottie Finch

  • Sophie Webb

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