Dance School Roles

At The Knights Academy of Dance we like to offer our students as many opportunities as possible, we encourage our students to be polite, kind, forward thinking and confident. We encourage the students to get involved with the school events and extra curriculum activities. ​

We offer selective roles to the children in our competition team which are chosen by the Principal and Vice Principal to recognise children who are naturally confidence, reliable caring and approachable. These students are considered to have roles that require initiate, responsibility and management.

We think it is extremely important to recognise children that thrive with responsibly and trust which keeps them motivated, dedicated, passionate and they strife for a successful future.

This is the second year that we have had our special roles and the children have done a fantastic job at fulfilling their roles. 

We currently have the following roles:

Head Boy

Head Girl

Junior & Senior Team Leader

Junior & Senior Dance Captain

Junior & Senior Prefects

Junior & Senior Anti Bullying Leaders


Head Boy

Reece  Lilley

I have been dancing with Knights Academy for 5 years and I really enjoy it.  I have grown so much in confidence and ability in these years.  I am now in my 4th year of the Knights Competition Team.  I takes part in all classes offered and my particular favourite styles are Contemporary and Tap. I have learnt a lot whilst being at Knights Academy, not just my dancing but being part of a team.  I consider myself to be a good team mate and I am always happy to help anyone.  I really enjoy helping Miss Stacey or Miss Natalie and am happy that they trust me enough to ask for my help.  I am so proud to have been given the opportunity to be Head Boy for Knights Academy and I take this role seriously and I am always happy to help.

Emily class assistant .jpg

Head Girl

Emily Stebbeds

Emily has danced with knights academy since she was 4, the very first classes that Stacey taught back in Oakfield Primary School. 8 years later and Emily has managed her first year of secondary school very well, balancing her commitments to Performing group, regular classes, assisting in ballet and tap whilst juggling homework which has demonstrated her organisation and tenacity. Emily has a kind and caring nature and she is extremely proud to have been chosen to be the first head girl working alongside Reece to make sure she is a role model to the other children in the dance school. 


Senior Team Leader

Sarima Chukundah

Inspiring performances every time.


Senior Dance Captain

Tayla Lilley

Passionate and always smiling, Tayla is a very kind supportive member of the team.


Junior Team Leader

Amelie Wood

Amelie Wood is a valuable member of our team. Her combination of discipline and talent makes her an incredibly special dancer.


Junior Dance Captain

Lilly Hendrick

Lilly is a talented and confident student who is always practicing and perfecting their moves for upcoming performances.


Senior Prefect

Ellie Webb

Ellie is kind hearted and dedicated dancer who is a lovely dancer and performer.


Senior Prefect

Sofia Reville

Sofia is an a thoughtful, bubbly and passionate student. She is asset to any class.


Junior Prefect

Annie Coldwell

A littles ray of sunshine who lights up the room when she walks in. A truly exceptional dancer.


Junior Prefect

Olivia Sumner

Olivia is a talented dancer who is full of wonderful personality and a joy to be around.


Senior Anti Bullying Leader

Hallie Snelgrove

Hallie is a gifted and talented dancer who is full of charisma. She is kind and caring and a great role model.


Junior Anti Bullying Leader

Emily Archibald

A bubbly and kind hearted student, Emily is a talented dancers who brings a smile everyone.

Chance To Dance-1862.jpg

Class Assistants

Emily Stebbeds, Kyla Guinness, Elizabeth Read, Amelie Wood & MJ Vaughan

Our class assistants are important members of our team supporting the dance teachers in class and helping other students along the way.

Carmel jane amb.jpg

Carmel Jane Photography Ambassador

Reece Lilley

I am feeling so happy to have been given this opportunity to be a Brand Ambassador for Carmel Jane Photography.  I really enjoyed my audition photo shoot with them and cannot wait to see what the year ahead brings. 
This wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work and dedication to me from Miss Stacey and Miss Natalie, they have really helped me believe in myself and get me to the point that I would even consider entering such a competition and as a result of this I was lucky enough to have been chosen. 
I hope I go on to make Carmel Jane happy for choosing me and hope to make Miss Stacey and Miss Natalie proud of what I might achieve.


Dynamite Dance Representatives


Mollie - Jean Vaughan

Mollie-Jean Vaughan, better known as MJ; is a fun-loving girl with a splash of sass. She has been dancing since she was 5 years old and has spent the majority of her young life falling in love with dance.  Ever since her first dance class she has always known that she’s wanted to dance and perform and capture people’s imaginations. MJ trains in tap, acro, jazz technique, street, contemporary, ballet and musical theatre at The Knight's Academy of Dance 5 nights a week and sees her teachers, Miss Stacey and Miss Natalie as her dance inspirations.  She loves being part of the Knight’s Academy of Dance Performing Group and loves the adrenaline rush she gets when performing and competing. Dancing is MJ’s first love and she can always be found choreographing routines and teaching herself new acro tricks when not in the dance studio. In the very little spare time she has, MJ enjoys clothes shopping. MJ would like to thank her mum and god parents for being her biggest supporters and always enabling her to follow her dreams. MJ is thrilled to be a Dynamite Dance Representative and would like to wish everyone competing the very best of luck!


Tayla Lilley

Tayla has been dancing with Knights Academy for 7 years and has been in the competition team for 3 years.  Tayla trains for 16 hours a week in all styles of dancing and really enjoys Street, Tap and Musical Theatre. Tayla is really kind and is a good support to her friends and team members. 
She has an infectious smile and is a joy to watch on stage. Dance has taught Tayla to have confidence in herself. She is really excited to be involved with the Dynamite Dance Team. 


Reece Lilley

Reece loves to dance, he has been dancing for the last 5 years. He attends 16 hours of dance classes at Knights Academy a week. Reece’s favourite style is Contemporary and he is quickly falling in love with Tap Dancing. 
Reece has been competing for 3 years and enjoys being part of the team. 
Reece is very focused whilst dancing and is always there to support his friends. He is really organised and is a great help to his teachers. He has recently been given the title of head boy of which he is extremely proud of. 
Reece is very excited to have joined the Dynamite Dance Team. 


William Coldwell

Will is 10 years old and has danced since he was 6 years old.  He trains for 18 hours a week in tap, ballet, street, jazz technique, contemporary, musical theatre and is part of the Knights Academy Competition Team.  Will is very sporty; he loves to compete and being part of a big family, he understands the importance of being gracious when others beat him.   Dance has given him strength, confidence, a fantastic work ethic and a love for entertaining.  Will is very proud to support his Mum Claire as a Dynamite Dance Representative and spread the word that “Boys That Dance, Rock”.


Emily Stebbeds

Emily loves to dance.  She is very hard working and kind and is completely committed to her dance school and competition team.  Emily has danced at The Knights Academy of Dance since she was 4 years old and is the longest standing member of the dance school.  Emily is a pleasure to watch perform and her passion for tap and lyrical dance in particular never fails to shine when she is on the stage.  Emily understands the importance of training, listening to her teachers and supporting her fellow dancers.  In her spare time Emily loves to spend time with friends and family, she enjoys school and works hard to always achieve the best that she can!  Emily is very excited to be a Dynamite Dance representative and will enjoy the challenge of being part of the team by helping to ensure that every competition goes smoothly.


Dynamite Dance Competition

An innovative competition that provides a fun and professional experience. We invite all styles of dance to compete in front of a panel of industry professional judges!


Dancers Box Ambassador

MJ Vaughan

I was 5 years old when I started dancing and I am training at The Knight’s Academy of Dance in Dartford.
When I am older, I would love to perform professionally on an International Cruise.
My favourite styles are Jazz, Street and Commercial, but I honestly love all styles.
My true inspirations are my dance teachers because they have made me who I am today!
I am so grateful and beyond happy to be an ambassador for Dancers Box. I cannot thank all the DBUK team enough for this amazing opportunity.

MJ Dancers Box.JPG

Nick Barnham Photography Ambassador

Verity Storrie

I am thrilled to have been chosen as an ambassador for Kent based photographer Nick Barham. I had an amazing time at my first shoot which involved a lot of water! And I’m excited to participate in additional shoots throughout the year. I’ve also been fortunate to meet some amazing dancers who also represent  Nick which has enabled me to expand my network in the dance community. 
I’m still relatively new to dance and so I cannot thank Miss Stacey and Miss Natalie enough for their ongoing support and belief in me. This amazing opportunity would not have been possible without them.


Ultimate Victory Dance Championships Representative

MJ Vaughan

MJ Ultimate Victory.jpg
Verity 1.jpg
Verity 1.jpg

Verity 2.jpg
Verity 2.jpg

Verity 1.jpg
Verity 1.jpg

Keva Dancewear Ambassador

Verity Storrie

I am so excited to represent Keva Dancewear. Being an ambassador is such an honour particularly because Keva is a small business and I really hope I can help it grow by promoting it’s beautiful dancewear. I have been a fan of Keva Dancewear for a long time so this opportunity is really special. I’m also thrilled that I will be an ambassador alongside two other Knights dancers, Hallie and Amelie. Together we will take the dancewear world by storm!

This amazing opportunity would not have been possible without the support of Miss Stacey and Miss Natalie as they have given me the confidence to belief I can achieve anything if I work hard. 


Keva Dancewear Ambassador


Amelie Wood

I am so pleased to have been picked to be a Keva Dancewear Ambassador. Their dance wear is simply gorgeous and I am so grateful to have this opportunity to work with them and all of the other ambassadors, and am super excited to see what the year ahead brings. 
I have danced with Miss Stacey since I was 2 1/2 and have been a part of The Knight’s  Academy since I was 5, I study ballet, tap, acro, street, contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre, and am part of the competition team. It is thanks to my amazing teachers and the all of the wonderful opportunities they give me!


Keva Dancewear Ambassador

Hallie Snelgrove