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New Dance Classes

We always want to ensure our students have access to the most up to date techniques and skills within the dance world. We love introducing new classes to help them build on their abilities and gain variety in their talent. Find out more about some of the exciting new classes we are launching in the Autumn Term.

Leaps & Turns

Starting after the October half term. This class is a fun and energetic class designed to work on the impressive skills that all dancers want to achieve. The class will focus on the specific areas required to execute leaps and turns - just like the dancers we see on dance moms! These skills are imperative to become a competent and talented dancers, particularly in the styles of ballet, jazz, contemporary and musical theatre.

Pointe Work

Every ballet dancer dreams of the day they can finally purchase their first pair of pointe shoes! This class is an invitation only class for when a student has reached a high level of ballet technique and strength.

It is where the dancer will stand on the tip of their toes in specially designed shoes. The shoes are much harder than ballet shoes. They are all designed to support the full weight of the dancer.

The effect is simply beautiful, the essence of grace and poise. As dancers progress they are able to do more advanced steps ans en pointe, eventually leading to complex turns including fouettés.

Acro Mix

Acro Mix

Acro Mix has the perfect balance to learn those all important tricks all dancers aspire to learn. The class will be split into 3 sessions: Body Conditioning, Acrobatic Arts and Tricks.

Each session will be 35 minutes focusing on the different aspects required. It is important to build up the strength and flexibility to obtain the exciting tumbling tricks. All teachers have an extremely high level of knowledge and expertise in their area of the Acro Mix Class.

Review our timetable to see if you would like to start any of these new classes. Click here.

Simply email to reserve your place.

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