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Competition Results 2019

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Wow! What a year it has been so far, we are so proud of our competition & performing teams. The results peak for themselves.

That’s Showbiz FINALS 2019

- Mini Kids Modern 3rd Place - Surfs Up

- Inter Kidz Modern 1st Place - Anything Goes

Dynamite Dance – Saturday 30th & Sunday 31st March 2019

- Mini Classic and Lyrical Solos 1st Place - Quin Brady 2nd Place - (Joint) Kathryn Read & Orla Cox

- Mini Open Solos 1st Place - Lucy Archibald 3rd Place - Annie Coldwell

- Pre Junior Tap Solos 1st Place - Hollie Stebbeds 2nd Place - Lilly Hendrick

- Pre Junior Street and Open Solos 2nd Place - Lilly Hendrick

- Junior Tap Solos 2nd Place - William Coldwell 3rd Place - Emily Stebbeds

- Junior Jazz Solos 2nd Place - William Coldwell 3rd Place - Tayla Lilley

- Junior Musical Theatre Solos 3rd Place - William Coldwell

- Junior Street Solos 2nd Place - William Coldwell 3rd Place - Emily Stebbeds

- Teen Classic Solos 3rd Place - Reece Lilley

- Teen Street & Open Solos 3rd Place - MJ Vaughan

- Mini Duos/Trios 1st Place (Joint) - Orla & Kathryn - Lavender Blue / Annie, Orla & Kathryn - More and More

- Junior Classic Duos/Trios 2nd Place - Will & Reece - Dambusters March

- Junior Musical Theatre Duos/Trios 2nd Place - Emily & Reece - Hot Shoe Shuffle

- Junior Street Duos/Trios 2nd Place - Emily (as a solo) - Yes 3rd Place - Tayla, Will & Olivia - Day & Night

- Mini Groups 1st Place - Pop 3rd Place - Little People

- Pre Junior Open Groups 2nd Place - The Ring Master 3rd Place - Step In Time

- Junior Lyrical Groups 3rd Place - Poisoned Apple

- Junior Musical Theatre Groups 1st Place - Swing

- Junior Street & Open Groups 1st Place - 321 Go 3rd Place - Level Up

- Mixed Groups 2nd Place - Anything Goes 3rd Place - Knights Street Crew

UK Street Dance Championships – Sunday 28th April 2019-05-08

2nd Place -Mini Knights

2nd Place- Knights

- 12 and under solos 5th Place- William Coldwell

- 10 and under duos 6th Place- Gabrielle Brown & Olivia Boyle

- 12 and under duos 1st Place- Tayla Lilley & William Coldwell

Ultimate Victory Championships - Day 1


1st place- Darcy Wood

2nd Place- Quin Brady

-Mini Tap Solos

1st Place- Lucy Archibald

-Junior Ballet Solos

1st Place- Amelie Wood

2nd Place- Kathryn Read

- Junior Tap Solos

2nd Place- Hollie Stebbeds

Joint 3rd- Olivia Boyle and Lily Hendrick

-Junior Lyrical Solos

3rd place- Lily Hendrick

-Junior Contemporary Solos

1st Place- Amelie Wood

-Junior Jazz Solos

3rd Place- Lily Hendrick

-Junior Street Solos

2nd Place- Lily Hendrick

3rd Place- Amelie Wood

- Junior Song and Dance Solos

1st Place- Amelie Wood

-Inter Tap Awards

1st Place- William Coldwell

3rd Place- Tayla Lilley

-Inter Jazz Solos

1st Place- William Coldwell

2nd Place- MJ

-Inter Street Solos

1st Place- William Coldwell

2nd Place- MJ

- Inter Song and Dance Solos

2nd Place- MJ

-Mini Ballet Duos/Trios

1st Place- Kathryn Read and Orla Coz

-Junior Contemporary Duos/Trios

1st Place- Amelie Wood and Lilly Hendrick

-Junior Street Duos/Trios

2nd Place- Hollie stebbeds and Lilly Hendrick

3rd Place- Annabelle Greet, Olivia Boyle and Sophie Webb

-Special Awards Judges Choices

Lucy Archibald

Amelie Wood

Triple Threat- Best All rounder


- Inter Ultimate Star Award

William Coldwell

Ultimate Victory Championships- Day 2

-Inter Ballet Duos/Trios

1st Place- Emily and Reece

2nd Place- Reece and Will

-Inter Tap Duos/Trios

1st Place- Emily and Reece

2nd Place- Hallie, Olivia and tayla

-Inter Lyrical Duos/Trios

2nd Place- Emily, MJ, and Will

3rd Place- Lilly and MJ

Inter street Duos/Trios

2nd Place- Olivia, Tayla and Will

International Stars Competition 2019

-Primary Tap Solos

2nd Place- Kathryn Read

-Mini Street Solos

1st Place- Amelie Wood

2nd Place- Annie Coldwell

- Mini Classic Duo

3rd Place- Amelie and Lilly

- Mini Street Trio

1st Place- Annie, Kathryn and Orla

-Mini Musical Theatre Group

1st place- Little People

-Mini Street Group

1st Place- Pop

- Junior classic Solo

2nd Place- MJ

-Junior Tap Solo

1st Place- Reece Lilley

2nd Place- Emily Stebbeds

-Junior Jazz Solo

2nd Place- MJ

3rd Place- Verity Storrie

-Juniro Street Solo

2nd Place William Coldwell

-Junior Classic Trio

1st Place- Emily, MJ and Will

-Junior Tap Duo

1st place- Emily and Reece

-Junior Street Duo

1st Place- Olivia, Sophie and Annabelle

-Junior Tap Groups

1st place- 321 GO

2nd Place- Anything goes

-Junior Jazz Groups

1st place Swing

-Junior Musical Theatre Groups

1st Place- Wonderland

-Junior Dance Challenge Winner

Olivier Boyle

- Shining Star award

William Coldwell

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