Dance Diary

Dance Better. Live Better.

We have put together a daily dance diary for you which includes exercises, challenges and work outs that we want all out students to keep up with regularly until we return to dance. If you film yourself whilst participating in the challenges you should be able to see the improvements from week to week. 
Happy dancing!



Welcome to your Monday Dance Diary!
Let’s start with another good warm up session. Remember to try and do your cardio exercises for at least 20 minutes!

Next, we want to make sure that you are keeping up your strength and stretches for those all important box jumps. 

Now it’s time for a little challenge.
Find space, perhaps outside, to film one of your competition, exam or class dances FULL OUT and video yourself.

The last challenge we are setting for you today is the split challenge, how many foam blocks (or anything else you can find) can you place under your front leg whilst in splits.

 Happy Monday, Happy Dancing!



 It’s time for your Tuesday Dance Diary!!
As always start your day with a nice warm up, perhaps try a run around the garden or even up and down the stairs!
Continue to work on your basic stretches and daily strengthening exercises, however today we want you to focus on your foot strengthening exercises.

Next, it’s time to run your tap syllabus! 

The final challenge - have a go at Toby’s Home Workouts!

Have a great day dancing!



Now moving on to Wednesday, first let’s start with a warm up as usual. You can either use our example warm ups or go for a nice run around the block or your local park.

We would like you to work on your splits, plenty of stretching to work on your flexiblity

Time for your some more of Toby's workouts.

Hand Stand Core Strengthening
Shoulder Mobility
Handstand Core Engagement &
Shoulder Strength Exercises

Lastly for your fun challenge, we have some bridge exercises for you.  See our warm up, stretches & strengthening page for some ideas.

Good luck and please do not forgot to share your workout to inspire your friends.



Happy Thursday!

As always, start with a very important warm up.

We would also like you to continue or start to work on a street, jazz and contemporary routine, these can be found on our youtube page.

Fun Challenge - Make up your own routine or improvise to a song selected by the Knights teachers. Please see social media pages for the weekly song.

We hope you enjoy today’s dancing, please remember to stay safe and always think about the correct technique.



Welcome to your Friday Dance Diary Challenge! Always start your dancing with a good warm up. You can see a few ideas on the warm up, stretches & strengthening page.

It is times to go over your ballet syllabus, all links can be found our website and youtube page.

Have a good stretch after you have run the syllabus.

For today’s fun challenge I would like to you choreograph your own free port de bras, adage and 2 allegros. You can either use the free music in your current grade or YouTube some new classical songs.

As always happy dancing and stay safe!



Welcome to Saturdays Dance Diary.
As we would normally have Musical Theatre Classes, we thought it would be good to mix it up!

Start with few tongue twisters! If you are unsure of what these are, you can find some good ones on google.

Next, record yourself practising your monologue, again if you do not have one, you can easily find one on google.

As always, ensure you do a nice cardio warm up and then practise your cartwheels.

Fun challenge - The plank. How long can you hold it for?

Have a great day and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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