Wizard of Oz

Our wonderful summer show at The Orchard Theatre was a great success.  I am so proud of everyone involved!

Put the date in your diary for next year’s Summer Showcase – Sunday 7th July 2019!


Scholarship Students 2018

I am thrilled to let you all know that I awarded four 50% scholarships this year to the following girls:


Frankie Bray

Congratulations to you Frankie – you were chosen because of your natural talent, fantastic bubbly personality, your kindness to others and to really give you the confidence boost you need! Please keep working hard, practice at home and do not give up when the choreography is hard!


Annabelle Greet

Well Done Annabelle – you consistently turn up to class looking immaculate, work hard, well-mannered and a pleasure to teach. You are an all rounded dancer, actress, singer and performer. You have an immense amount of potential and I can’t wait to push you further!


Willow Rolfe

Congratulations Willow – you have a natural ability to dance and have amazing extension and elevation in your technical steps. Please trust us this year, find your confidence, work hard and you could be a truly amazing dancer!


Kathryn Read

Well Done Kathryn – what a pleasure you are to teach. You may be little, but you certainly do not let that hold you back. You are going to be an amazing dancer when you are older and I cannot wait to see you perform more and grow up into the dancer I know you can be!

Different Styles of Dance

What is Ballet Dance?

Classical Ballet is the most important style of dance, it teaches a high level of technique and discipline and also allows the dancer to be expressive and artistic. 

Ballet Award 2018: Maisy Day


What is Tap Dance?

Tap Dance is a rhythmical style of dance which teaches musicality, technique and style. 

Tap Award 2018: Quinn Brady


What is Contemporary Dance?

Contemporary dance is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through fluid dance movements.

Contemporary Award 2018: Mollie-Jean Vaughan


What is Street Dance?

Street Dance is a fun and energetic style of dance. It is an umbrella term which encompasses a range of dance styles characterised by descriptions such as hip hop, funk and breakdancing. Its diverse nature has taught us new styles such as popping, locking, waving and krumping.

Street Dance Award 2018: Gabriella Brown


What is Musical Theatre?

Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, acting, and dance. It requires a huge amount of confidence and personality.

Musical Theatre Award 2018: Sarmina Chukundah


What is Singing?

Singing is for children who are confident and musical. We offer group and private sessions to all students.

Singing Award 2018: Amelie Wood


What is Drama?

Drama is learning to explore different characters, emotions and feelings. It teaches the confident to improvise as well as learning acting scenes, monologues and duologues.

Drama Award 2018: Tayla Lilley


What is Acro?

 Acro Dance is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It teaches tricks, tumbles, fitness, strength and flexibility.

Acro Award 2018: Chloe Newbigging


Mini Award 2018 – Kathryn Read

The Mini Award is aimed at our Mini children only. We want children of all ages to be recognised for their hard work and talent. 


Best Newcomer Award 2018 – Hallie Snelgrove

We want to welcome all new students and give recognition to those who are naturally gifted and join the school as though they have always been there!


Most Improved Award 2018- Sophie Webb

Each year every single child shows improvement. This award is given to a child that consistently works hard, takes on corrections and really stands out with their improvements.


Hard-work Award 2018 – Jasmine Wright

Working hard consistently every single week in every lesson is a very hard concept to grasp. This award is given to someone who continues to try their best each week no matter what.


 Performer Award 2018 – Will Coldwell

We pride ourselves on the energy, enthusiasm and performance level of our children, however this award goes to someone who always has that extra bit of ‘sparkle’ and smiles behind their eyes!


Teacher Award 2018 – Reece Lilley

This award goes to someone who not only demonstrates a high level of hard work, talent, charism but someone who is well mannered, caring, friendly and an absolute pleasure to teach week in, week out.